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How can strategic social media marketing help your business?

Whether you're a startup or big company, you'll get closer to your customers and build your brand faster with social media. At Hamma.Digital, we can help you to drive brand engagement, awareness and traction with our tried and tested social media marketing techniques.’s social media brand management

Social media is evolving all the time, and it’s not easy for brands to create meaningful connections with their customers online. Our techniques can help your business to foster those bonds and engage your target audience across all your social media platforms. We can: 

  • Perform social media reviews
  • Improve your brand voice
  • Enhance alignment of your brand logo, social media content and images with your corporate image
  • Use brand tone in creating optimised content and responding to various online discussions and messages 
  • Identify the impact of your branding and marketing campaigns
  • Create marketing personas to boost engagement and conversion

Hamma.Digital can help you find ways to reach out to your customers and discover new social media conversion techniques.

Smart social media marketing strategies

Social media is the heart and soul of online marketing. It helps businesses like yours build brands, connect with customers and keep them informed. Content on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and YouTube can be optimised to produce amazing results. This is where Hamma.Digital's social media strategies come into play.'s proven social media marketing tactics

Our smart social media marketing (SMM) tactics are your tools to help you rise above your competition and boost your reputation and brand. Our team of experts are ready to help you get results with our social media marketing strategies: 

Search Engine Optimisation

Is your business or blog found on the first few pages of Google, Yahoo or Bing? If not, then it's time to boost your rankings using social media marketing and SEO. Links shared on social media increase brand exposure, and our social media marketing experts can develop search engine optimised content to feature on your social pages and website. Based on extensive keyword and key phrase research, our team can create videos, blogs, social media posts, infographics and more to enhance your social media presence.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Increase your brand exposure and engage your audience using Hamma.Digital's social media services and PPC ads. We will start by identifying your target market, researching top-performing keywords, and using updates, images, captions, and videos to improve your return on ad spend (ROAS). Use PPC ads in all your social media channels and watch your leads and conversions grow.  

Website Design and Development

Consistency is the key to getting more out of your online marketing strategies. Consistent and cohesive branding draws customers in, and our designers can help you to achieve branding consistency across your website. 

Video Production

Video is more popular on social media than ever, and it offers your business a valuable opportunity to connect with your customers and enhance engagement. Our social media video production team can create video interviews, tutorials, promotional product videos, behind-the-scenes videos and more to build your presence on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and more.

Email Marketing

Hamma.Digital helps you enhance your online reach and create more leads through email marketing. We integrate social media marketing and email marketing to give you the edge in customer engagement and user experience. We’ll analyse your niche to identify your customers' goals and help you to transform a site visitor into a paying customer with our social media marketing and email marketing techniques. 


Content Writing

Reach out to your customers and better convey your message better with top quality written content. Our expert writers can produce compelling and updated content for your social media sites. We start with extensive research on your market and use your brand's voice to create valuable content which entices, excites and convinces your customers. 

Online Reputation Management

Social media platforms help your customers get to know you better. That's why companies use platforms like Facebook to boost brand reputation and engage with their target market. Hamma.Digital can help you enhance or save your online reputation through reviews, recommendations and ratings via different social media platforms. Our ORM services will make your business look, sound and feel professional.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Conversion rates show how effective and efficient your site is in connecting with customers. Let Hamma.Digital's social media experts create strategies to help your visitors convert. We use social media landing pages, headlines, call to action statements and social media content, including images and videos. You'll get a higher CRO with our effective strategies. 

Link Building

We maximise your social media marketing strategies by linking your platforms to worthwhile sites. Hamma.Digital's social media marketing team optimises your site by connecting to niche bloggers and publishing your content to different social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and more. 

E-Commerce Marketing

Our social media marketing team can promote your products or services through various platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. We make sure that your products or services show up on visual searches. Our techniques generate better traction, more traffic and more sales.


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