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We provide conversion-focused local SEO services to get your online business where it's supposed to be: on top of local searches.

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Here's why you need to think about local SEO

Our local SEO services aim to improve local search visibility, especially for small businesses, startups, brick-and-mortar shops and medium to large businesses in a local area. While regular SEO focuses on your brand's visibility and searchability on a larger scale, local SEO aims at geo-specific searches. It's the "near me" searches that count in local SEO. 

Our goal is to take your brand, products and services beyond your local shop or local online site and make them more accessible in your community.

Hamma.Digital’s fully automated local SEO solution runs in the background of all your marketing campaigns. This means there’s less work and less burden for website designers and content creators. 

What can local SEO do for your business?

Local SEO services can improve your business’ visibility in your local community, drive more targeted site traffic and enhance your local SEO ranking. This all helps to boost your business's online reputation, market authority and trustworthiness. Plus, there’s a good chance it will lead to an increase in sales and repeat business from a growing loyal and local customer base.

Why use Hamma.digital's local SEO services?

We can help unlock the potential of your website to attract valuable local customers. Our focused local SEO strategies can grow your local brand awareness and improve your conversions.

Local SEO Audits

When you engage Hamma.Digital to take care of your local SEO, our team of experts will audit your website to determine your current local ranking. The audit also helps us find the best track to take in creating your local SEO campaigns. Our audit includes checking on your NAP visibility, geographical locale and service areas, plus examining Google My Business listings.

Keyword Research and Strategy

Reach further and get closer to your targeted customers using local SEO marketing. We perform thorough keyword research and keyword study to uncover the relevant geo-specific and industry-related keywords. Our local SEO team will carefully map out your keywords and search terms to help you create a locally focused website.

Google My Business (GMB) SEO

We take care of your Google My Business locations to make sure your business info is complete and up-to-date. Our experts are also versed with Yahoo Local and Bing SEO optimisation. This ensures that your business will have the same identity regardless of the search engine. We provide error-free, updated and complete local listings for all our clients.

E-commerce SEO

It’s the norm these days to carry out an online search before you decide on which product to buy, or which service to purchase. With our top-notch local SEO team, you can connect your e-commerce business with your local customers. We can optimise your company profile using Google My Business locations, as well as geo-targeted website content and keywords to boost your local online presence.

Franchise SEO (Multi-Business Listings)

Is your business present in different locations all over the state or the country? Our local SEO team uses franchise SEO tactics to guarantee brand consistency in all your locations. We include all your business outlets in Google My Business locations among the best industry-specific directories. We also enhance local citations and make use of area-based keywords and key phrases.

Link Building

We provide hyper-local search engine optimised landing pages, create local SEO citations and use keywords with high domain relevance to build your business’ local profile.

Business Citation Management (Listings)

Your business can benefit a lot from local SEO citations. We use only the best quality, third-party websites to create local citations. Your brand is added to second-tier local directories, including FourSquare, Angie's List, Yelp and more.

Online Reputation Management

Many consumers read reviews before they buy a product or take a service. We can help you protect your business or brand and convert customer reviews into amazing marketing opportunities. Our local SEO team uses only reputable software for review marketing.

Content Writing

Our dream local SEO team consists of content writers who produce well-researched, keyword optimised and engaging content. We can publish optimised content for any business or industry to draw in your audience and build your brand presence.

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

Our local digital expertise will help you improve your rankings and enhance your conversion rates. Our local SEO team can create city and service pages, enhance your site’s mobile accessibility and finish your local SEO list. We use targeted local SEO services to boost sales calls from your local area and drive your conversion rates higher each month.

Nextdoor Local Business Advertising

Our team can help you build and enhance your Nextdoor profile and reputation. We are experts in optimising Nextdoor business profiles to help businesses engage with their local communities. Accurate and updated brand information is the key to dominating Nextdoor.


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