E-commerce marketing

Grow your business with e-commerce marketing

Build brand awareness and drive organic traffic to your online store with smart e-commerce marketing strategies from Hamma.digital.

Find out how your business can benefit from e-commerce marketing.

Why do you need e-commerce marketing?

Reaching out to and building relationships with potential customers are some of the biggest challenges e-commerce businesses face. At Hamma.Digital, we understand the complexity of running an e-commerce business, and how vital it is to connect with your target audience. That’s why we offer e-commerce marketing services specifically tailored to engage your business’ target market. 

Our successful data-driven e-commerce marketing strategies deliver:

    • Effective search campaigns
    • Increased Google Shopping conversions
    • Improved click-through rates (CTRs)
    • Boosted average positions
    • Increased business revenue

What can e-commerce marketing do for your business?

Our e-commerce marketing services can deliver:

Centralised Business Operations

Our e-commerce marketing will simplify your business ops. Track your leads and interactions, access multi-platform listings and reach potential clients on different channels, all from the one Hamma.Digital platform.

Strong Online Foundations

E-commerce marketing promotes your brand to your target market and helps your business to build a loyal customer base. Our e-commerce marketing strategies are designed to build your reputation online and drive greater reach.

Increased Profitability

Most customers abandon their shopping carts at checkout. E-commerce marketing can increase your business' conversion rates and turn abandoned shopping carts into revenue. Email marketing, for example, can be employed to convince your customers to return to your website and complete their transaction.

Improved Business Efficiency

Our e-commerce marketing techniques can help you to scale your business, improve your product line, and reduce repetitive tasks. Our strategies are data-driven and goal-oriented to help you not only achieve your business targets, but smash them out of the park.

Boosted Customer Base

E-commerce marketing helps you to reach a broader target market and broaden your business. It gives you an invaluable opportunity to build relationships with potential customers both here in Australia and around the world.

Optimised Marketing Spend

E-commerce marketing is a great way to get more for your marketing buck. The ability to track and optimise your spending with e-commerce marketing helps stretch limited budgets further. Our e-commerce marketing gets detailed and targeted results without breaking the bank.

E-commerce SEO and Web Design

Our e-commerce marketing experts use your business’ value proposition to make your online store stand out. Our web design services focus on mastering simple navigation and achieving the right balance between text and images – not as simple as it sounds. Our e-commerce SEO gets your store more visibility online and builds brand awareness.

E-Commerce Pay-Per-Click Management

PPC management allows you to reach out to your target market at the right time via the right platform. We can provide you with comprehensive analysis to help you connect to high-intent customers. We offer services like landing page conversion, e-commerce remarketing, and paid social media advertising. 

E-Commerce Content Marketing

Hamma.Digital's content marketing tactics highlight your brand's personality to build brand awareness and better promote your products and services. We develop content for blog posts, product descriptions, and social media. 

Social Media Marketing

Our social media managers use organic and paid social media marketing tactics to help you stand out from your competitors and increase your customer base. We can help you optimise your posts, respond to reviews, and connect with your followers on social media. 

Shopify SEO and Websites

Our experts run Shopify SEO audits, on- and off-page SEO and keyword research to help your business generate organic leads and ultimately increase profits. Our Shopify web designers can help you to amplify your business’ branding and personality while championing your products or services. 

Amazon Marketing

Promote your products and services on the Amazon platform with our Amazon marketing techniques. We can develop a bespoke strategy to market your e-commerce business through the Amazon Marketing Console platform to help build your brand and generate more sales.


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