We’re all different, and that’s fabulous.

Everyone at Hamma has a different story, whether it’s where we grew up or the turns each of our careers have taken to get us here. No two of us are the same, and that’s just the way we like it.

The worst thing you can be is anyone but yourself.

Everyone here is just as much themselves in the office at 11am on a Monday morning as they are having brunch with friends on the weekend. Whether it’s data science or dog breeds or pottery - everyone at Hamma is a nerd about something. It just means we’re curious and inquisitive, so we wear that badge with honour.

Our Philosophy.

Failure isn't an option - It's a necessity. 

We are so lucky to be working in a industry that evolves every five minutes. But that also means that oftentimes we’ll be guiding you into uncharted territory - which can be scary. Hamma employees need to be able to test-and-learn on the fly, figuring out what’s not working and how to fix it quickly. Failure isn’t a scary or bad thing as long as you remember to fail fast, fail often, but always fail forward.

We Help Businesses Get More From Their Digital Assets.

To work here, you need to have that thirst for knowledge and a desire to dig a bit deeper — we are a bunch of doers, problem solvers, fixers, tinkerers and never-stop-till-it's-right kind of people.

I think it's fair to say you won't hear the words "Not Possible" very often with us. Internally and externally, it's not something that we like to project. We know that there's not always an ideal time to do something — just like ideal budgets, timeframes, or circumstances. Sometimes you have to make do and just get on with it and get it done.

But, we always try and follow the process - start with the data, insights and research. From there, you can start to see the big picture and know what direction to take.


Want to work at Hamma?

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